News item of ABPaymentflows BV and Your Capital Support NV (established April 6, 2016)

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News item of ABPaymentflows BV and Your Capital Support NV (established April 6, 2016)

ABPaymentflows BV (ABP), based in The Hague, is the initiator of the financing concept “In-House Financing” (IHF). This is a model of alternative financing, with credit granted especially to small and medium enterprises (Belgian and Dutch SMEs) that have little and/or difficult access to traditional bank financing.
The model and the two developed applications (commercial formulas) will be operated by Your Capital Support NV (YCS), based in Brussels. On our website ( further information is provided about background, purpose, scope and implementation of the concept. In the foreseeable future, the YCS website will go life providing detailed and practical information about how to apply for credit and how to link up with the YCS platform (for investors / local initiatives).
The new ABP / YCS “FinTech” application has a major impact on the credit markets they are targeting. In summary, we foresee the following key differences to current business models.


Differences between “Old School Banking” and the New YCS/We-banking models are summarized.


Old School Bank                                                         YCS /We-banking

Push                                                                              Pull

Hierarchy                                                                      Circular

Central & Global                                                          Local & Global

Stock of info                                                                 Flow of info

Profit Maximisation                                                    Sharing

Possession                                                                  Service

Corporate                                                                     Community

Personnel /management                                           Free-lance, ZZP

Assets                                                                            Access

Nationalism                                                                  Global communities

Work-life balance 24/7                                               Work-life balance lifetime

Fragile                                                                            Anti-fragile


In the coming 3-5 months all necessary software will be completed, tested and connected to existing systems. The 1st credits during the pilot period will be provided by mid-April. Lending, facilitated by a flexible working platform, should be smooth and good working in 3-5 months after which the roll-out program will be started.
The roll-out program concerns the connection of the YCS platform to independent local and institutional initiatives (the two formulas YCS and WE-banking) in order to enable the centrally operating YCS platform to provide the necessary services to these parties. Activities will operate under a governance regime that includes general rules. However, a number of dimensions of credit policy will remain at the discretion of the local parties.
This discretion of the credit policy for local and institutional parties is reflected in the level of risk / reward choices that can be made with regard to the credits provided to SMEs and the associated level of the interest rate that may be charged. The central organization will review the credit policy of the local and institutional parties adjusting the appropriate leverage of leverage funding that will be made available: the lower the chosen risk profile the higher leverage funding that will be made available.

The Governance regime is so attuned to the interests of SMEs and local YCS initiatives and the YCS platform as to safeguard the balance.
The goal to provide as many SMEs with credit can only be achieved if there is venture capital available for local initiatives. This capital will be made available on the basis of local interests groups of entrepreneurs and institutional investors having a keen interest in a thriving SME market segment that is financed in a balanced way. The venture capital is rewarded with good return prospects at a low risk profile. Through the working of the YCS platform, including the provision of leverage capital at attractive terms and the governance rules, attractive low interest rates for SMEs can be linked to a high return for the venture capital that will be provided to the local initiatives.
We will report on our website once significant Milestones have been achieved.

Gerard Markerink, Den Haag, Corporate banker with roots with NIBC in The Hague and ING Mergers & Acquisitions. Independent finance professional and M&A specialist since 1990.

Tjebbo Kessler, Den Haag, Corporate banker with roots with NIBC in The Hague and University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. Independent finance professional and lecturer since 1998.

Rudolf Hendrickx, Brussels, is CEO of several companies in Belgium, France and Africa and is an Independent Business Developer. Rudi holds university degrees in Law, Finance, International Relations, Internal Auditing and Financial Management.


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