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IHF Credit and FX traders

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  • The IHF credit was created to unburden SMEs and to offer new revenue opportunities. If SMEs use factoring through us, they realize a substantial profit advantage.
  • Relief is maximized if we add Foreign Exchange (FX) to the range of products offered.
  • The sub-platforms are equipped for this with the payment accounts on which FX services can be performed.
  • These accounts must be seamlessly linked to the lending facility through interfaces. This will be realized through technical consultation between YCS and FX trader.
  • For the FX trader a positive side effect is that Euro invoices can be added as a new product.
  • The FX trader is not involved with the lending facility. All the FX traders must do is onboarding clients through YCS so that its services can be offered on the platform. New clients for the FX traders are therefore contracted automatically.
  • We invite 4 or 5 FX traders to start an exclusive sub-platform with YCS.

For FX traders this has the big advantage that new customers are contracted without marketing effort.