The IHF Credit©

Through application of the IHF-credit ©, derived form its descriptive meaning,  “In-house Financing Credit”, a new form of Asset Based Financing is facilitated. Based on current digital possibilities, automation and an ingenious structure, the IHF-credit © provides a new asset based financing category that enhances financing possibilities for SME companies

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Next level in asset based financing for SME’S

Software and services go hand in hand to facilitate the IHF-Credit©. Banks and Finance Companies collaborate to extend credit lines. Locally based Financing Companies will contribute significantly to the performance of SME companies in…

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Scope & flexible application

SME’s encounter many difficulties in the current economic phase to attract funding. Several developments (retracting movement of banks, stricter requirements on loans, adverse payment conditions) contribute to the situation.

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It is our mission to offer the SME, and especially a part that has poor access to credit, the highest quality credit at the best price through the YCS platform.  Our strategy to achieve this is the new IHF credit form and on the other hand, the execution of various tasks and related services for SMEs.

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